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Print-as-You-Go Daily Content Planner for Instagram Stories

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In this updated print-as-you-go Instagram Stories planner for women in business, you will be able to plan, post, and profit from sharing more strategic Instagram Stories for your business.

The great thing about this planner is that it can be used to design not only Instagram Stories, but Facebook and Whatsapp Stories too. Being the #girlboss that you are, you need to consistently share relevant and strategic content with your followers in order to boost engagement, start conversations, humanize your brand and collect real-time feedback - and Instagram Stories is the perfect tool to do all of that. You can't afford to be stuck wondering, "What should I post today?" or "Are my stories helping me achieve any real business objectives?"

That's why this planner is such a game-changer! There's never been a daily planner dedicated to creating Instagram Stories. You'll enjoy scripting and story-boarding your content every day - not to mention the added clarity and confidence you will gain before sharing stories to your profile.

So, print it, bind it, and put your name on it, because it's time to take your stories to a whole new level.

> Made for a #GirlBoss by a #GirlBoss.
> Undated planner pages for Instagram Stories.
> Sections for monthly goals and events.
> Planner includes sections for the story title, objective, description, call-to-action, and more.
> Storyboard planner to design the layout of your stories - for up to 6 slides.
> Plan Facebook and Whatsapp Stories too.
> FREE Instagram Stories prompts to help you get started.